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Equitable Solutions for Digital Financial Life

Our technology is based on a platform that has been proven and audited by the authority. 

Our Design Philosophy



Life is complicated, we made it simple.


Our solutions put the user front and center. We believe complicated financial services should be made as simple as possible so that it is availed to every walks of life the way it should. 


ADIWISISTA provides the platform for the creation of complete financial services and yet maintain its simplicity.



Life is short, we made more accomplished.

Our solutions put accomplishment of task as short as possible for user.  More is achieved in the same period of time with reduced waiting time.


Less waiting time begets less stressful experience for life to be fully enjoyed with our loved ones.



Life is full of anxiety, we made it safe.

Our solutions put security as the main pillar in ensuring peace of mind. Designs of our solutions emphasise security of financially sensitive information.

With security, fear dissipates and peace of mind beget more quality of life.


Meet AdiWisista Group

Our Story

AdiWisista Group was incepted by individuals who believed in that financial services should be available to everybody.  Indonesia is one of the country in the world where financial inclusion is still considered an area that need a big boost.  On the other hand technology adoption is one of the highest in the world.  We seek to bridge this gap with the technological bridge.  Equipped with extensive experience of our team in financial services industry and the ever youthful zeal in technological innovation, we intend to marry them both to create an experience that defines our competitive edge.

Our Vision

We believe financial inclusion is the blue ocean of the financial services industry in Indonesia.  We strive to provide the tools and the services to bridge the financial divide between the haves and the haves not.

Through this vision we define ourselves to create an integrated solutions based on life imperatives with financial services as the enabler not the definer.

We seek to realise the solution for practical and commercial use before the end of the year 2025.


Our technology is based on a platform that has been proven and audited by the authority. It has also been subjected to external party audit against intrusion.

The platform will enable an end to end solution from web based front end to mobile based until the bank end solutions.


Our Group

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